European standards and things to know

European standards and things to know

18/09/2018 14:18 / Đăng bởi admin

Products which are tested and certified in the US in accordance with the US regulations and standards may be re-tested and re-certified in accordance with European standards due to different approaches to protect the health and safety of the customers and the environment. In case that the product are not regulated in any specific law of EU, it must follow the common safety directives of EU and additional regulations of the member states…

European standards and legislation is created with the new approach which is the harmony among the member states to allow commodity circulation.  A typical example of new approach is CE marking. While EU legislation harmony can facilitate to approach EU single market. The manufacturer should pay attention that the regulations (compulsory) and technical standard (voluntary) may be the trade barrier if the US standards are different from European standards. EU standard establishment is a progress based on the consent of the industry or authorized by the European Commision, and is carried out by independent standard body, operated at national, European or international level.

In order to get the European certificate, the product’s conformity must be assessed. This is the compulsory step to the manufacturer in following the specific legislation of EU. The aim of conformity assessment is to ensure the consistence and compliance in all procedures from design to production, in order to facilitate the acceptance of the final products. EU Product Laws provide the manufacturers with a number of options for conformity assessment, depending on the level of risk related with the use.

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