FCC certification for electronic products, radio equipment

FCC certification for electronic products, radio equipment

21/09/2018 15:30 / Đăng bởi admin

FCC certification follows the US standards. The US requires products which can contribute to electromagnetic interference, reducing radio frequency (RF) interference between electromagnetic devices, to comply with the given standards.

Any electromagnetic equipment or equipment sold in the US may not interfere with the safety or operation of other electronic products. When an electronic equipment has FCC certificate, it means that the product has been tested to comply with the FCC standards and has been approved.

The standards of Federal Communications Commission depend on the type of radio frequency transmitter being tested. FCC has issued lists to identify which type of regulation and test is needed. Check and comply with the requirements set forth by the Federal Communications Commission in accordance with procedures to achieve FCC certificate. We can help your company better understand the process needed to achieve FCC certificate and help your product certified for sale in the US.

Manufacturers who want to sell RF transmitters apply for RF licenses and low-power transmitter license in the US must have the products tested and complied with FCC standards.

We are FCC certification organization accredited by different EU notified bodies. We offer independent FCC testing and certification services that will help your product be on the market faster, facilitating greater revenue and revenue potential.