Low Voltage Directive – LVD Certificate

Low Voltage Directive – LVD Certificate

20/09/2018 15:57 / Đăng bởi admin

LVD certificate ensures the electrical equipment are well-designed and safe to be used. This directive provides general objectives for safety regulations, so that electrical equipment are approved in EU member states. Low Voltage Directive does not provide any specific technical standards to meet, instead it is based on IEC technical standards to guide the manufacturers produce safe products. The product must pass hundreds of LVD tests. As one of the biggest market in the world, getting access to almost 30 European Union (EU) countries is a practical requirement for the manufacturers globally, no matter where they are.

Low Voltage Directive of EU ensures that the electrical equipment have certain voltage limits includes protection against electric shock and other electrical hazards.

The directive covers all electrical equipment with input voltage or output voltage from 50 to 1000V DC. For electrical equipment within that range, Low Voltage Directive deals with all existing health and safety risks.

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU published in 2014 is the newest version of LVD. The products conform to the general principles of LVD and the relevant safety standards are marked with CE marking to show EU compliance and acceptance. The conformity is affirmed by the manufacturers based on the conformity assessment.

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