EMC – Certification for electromagnetic compatibility

EMC – Certification for electromagnetic compatibility

20/09/2018 14:08 / Đăng bởi admin

EMC or electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of an electric equipment to work correctly in its electromagnetic environment but not affect the other equipment and systems.

EMC certificate states the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment. It is one of the updated directives applied in 27 EU member states. This directive is applicable for all the electric and electronic products which may lead to or be influenced by electromagnetic disturbance. Therefore, many manufacturers in electric and electronic industry need to ensure that their products complies with the requirements of this directive and can affix CE Marking.

Summary of the directive: Summary of the directive: Compliance with this directive is compulsory to most of the electric and electronic equipment to be imported into EU. They must have EMC certificate and CE Marking. EMC directive requires all the products to comply with basic safety requirements.

EMC test is one of the tests to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the products. EMC test is one of the tests to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the products.

(*) The electromagnetic compatibility of the product does not affect and is affected by other electronic products.

(*) Electromagnetic disturbance immunity levels as expected in intended use allows the product to work but not decrease the intended operation ability. The documents required by EMC directive:

(*) Technical documents – The manufacturer compiles the evidence to prove that the product meets the requirements of directive. The purpose is to allow the product to conform to the protection requirements.

(*) Declaration of conformity – to comply with the essential requirements stated by the manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity. We provide service of EMC testing and certification.