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What is CE certification? (What is CE Mark?)

In EU countries, CE certification is considered as a "commercial passport" for products to circulate in the EU market. Currently, many manufacturers have their goods confiscated by EU customs because of bad quality or returned because there is no CE Marking. 

CE has many different names such as CE Marking, CE Mark but according to European Commission, it is officially called CE Marking. CE Marking is required for many products and indicates that:

- Manufacturers have tested products to meet EU requirements(CE 
requirements) for environment, safety and health.
- Product complies with EU legislation.
- Product is freely traded within the European market.
CE Marking certificate is also considered as a "commercial passport" for products to enter the European EU market. Currently, many manufacturers have their goods confiscated by EU customs because of bad quality or returned because there is no CE Marking. However, not all organizations can issue CE Marking certificates.

A CE Marking organization must obtain a Notified Body number from the European Commission with a recognized scope, and have their information displayed on the European Commission's website http://ec.europa. eu/. If a fake or unrecognized CE Marking certificate is used, the product will be returned because it does not meet EU requirements and lacks relevant technical records.


International CE certification - Countries require mandatory CE Marking: 

– European Union (EU) 

– European Free Trade Association (EFTA)


CE Certificate of Conformity - Products requiring CE Marking:

No Directive Product Related to EC
1 Machinery Directive Máy móc cơ khí  2006/42/EC
2 Low Voltage (LVD) Thiết bị điện và điện tử bao gồm AC 50V ~ 1000V, DC 75V ~ 1500V 2014/35/EU
3 Electro-magnetic Compatibilty (EMC) Thiết bị điện và điện tử 2014/30/EU
4 Medical Device Thiết bị y tế (EU) 2017/745
5 Active Implantable medical Device Thiết bị y tế cấy dưới da 90/385/EEC
6 In Vitro Diagnostic medical Device Các thiết bị y tế ống nghiệm (EU) 2017/746
7 Lifts Directive Thang máy 2014/33/EU
8 Equipment for Explosive Atmspheres (ATEX) Sản phẩm chống cháy nổ 2014/34/EC
9 Safety of Toys Đồ chơi trẻ em 2009/48/EC
10 Simple Pressure Vessels Thiết bị áp lực đơn 2014/29/EU
11 Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels Thiết bị khí đốt (EU) 2016/426
12 Radio equipment directive Thiết bị đầu cuối, truyền thông  2014/53/EU
13 Non-automatic weighing instruments Thiết bị cân không tự động 2014/31/EU
14 Personal Protective Equipment Thiết bị bảo vệ cá nhân (EU) 2016/425
15 Hot-water Boilers Nồi hơi nước nóng 92/42/EEC
16 Construction Products Vật liệu xây dựng (EU)No 305/2011
17 Marine equipment Thiết bị hằng hải  2014/90/EU
18  Pressure Equipment  Thiết bị áp lực 2014/68/EU
19 Explosives For Civil uses Các loại thuốc nổ dân dụng 2014/28/EU
20 Recreational Craft Du thuyền 2013/53/EU
21 Measuring instruments Dụng cụ đo lường 2014/32/EU
22 Packaging and packaging waste Thùng để đóng gói 94/62/EC
23 Pyrotechnic articles Pháo hoa 2013/29/EU
CE Marking is only required for products covered by one or more of the required Directives. Not all products are required to have CE marking. CE Marking is not required for items such as:
- Chemistry
- Textile
- Food

Manufacturers applying CE Marking are responsible for:

- Testing for conformity.
- Technical construction files (TCF).
- EC Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking Certification.
- CE Marking.
If you are a distributor, you must check if the manufacturer provides sufficient CE Marking certification and technical documentation (TCF).

Benefits of CE Marking certification:

– Ensure free circulation and is a “Passport” to help your products easily access EU market and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) market.

– Affirm the safety, health and environment. 

– Be “the symbol of the product” to help improve the brand, quality and competitiveness of the product.
– Expand manufacturers' understanding of product safety, health and environmental requirements. 
– Expand export activities around the world.
CE SOLUTIONS is protected and authorized exclusively by the European Notified Body (Notified Body) recognized by the European Commission in the provision of services related to CE Marking. We are committed to providing reputable and reliable services.

With more than 10 years of experience in thousands of different projects in Vietnam, we provide the best, time-saving and cost-effective solutions to achieve certificates and helping businesses understand CE requirements. CE for each product.

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